Communication Code

One of the biggest problems in the financial industry is the common threat of communication. An advisor and client may use the same word but define it differently, which can lead to a troubled relationship. We use the Simplicitree Report as communication code to ensure that when we are speaking about a certain type of investment, everyone is defining it the same way.


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Organized Understanding

We believe in the importance of knowing and understanding how much risk you are taking. Most investors may be able to name a few of their investments and might be able to tell you why they chose them in the first place. Very few people understand just how much risk they are taking with their investments. The Simplicitree Report helps you understand your potential risks.


Needs Based Planning

We believe in discovering the rate of return a client needs to maintain in order to retire comfortably. One of the most powerful aspects to planning is knowledge. The Simplicitree Report helps bridge the gap between planning for retirement and understanding what is needed to actually achieve the plan.


Above Ground Investing & Below Ground Investing

Understanding above ground investments is as simple as visualizing a tree. Every part of the tree that grows above the ground is exposed to all the elements that nature can throw at it. A storm can pass through and knock off a few branches or even do much worse.


Similarly, above ground investments are free to grow like a tree, but they also bare principal risks and may lose value. Roots are vital to a tree’s growth, stability and strength; without them a tree would not be able to weather even the lightest breeze, let alone a storm. Similarly, below ground investments give your above ground investments the freedom they need to grow without interruption. These vehicles stress the importance of insurance backed investments and bank guarantees.

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