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WJBK: Holiday Scams

It is a busy time of year- for all of us and for scam artists. Financial professional Scott Carty talked with WJBK-FOX 2 Detroit about holiday scams and tips on how we can protect ourselves.
Holiday Scams:
1. Gift Card Scams
2. Fake Charities
Click here for a list of charities eligible for tax exempt status by the IRS. Click here to see how charities will use your donation.
3. Delivery Scams

Prevention Tips:
1. Review Statements
2. Protect Your Information
3. Do Your Homework
Click here to check a business with the Better Business Bureau

WJBK: Life Insurance

Determine the Types

Compare Policies

Now vs. Later

Determine Coverage

Click here for a basic life insurance calculator


WJBK: Fantasy Football Finances

QB, Matthew Stafford – your financial team needs a leader

RB, Doug Martin – in retirement savings you can bounce back

WR, Julian Edelman – you must be able to make adjustments

TE, Rob Gronkowski – take the sure thing – free money from your Employer Sponsored Plan

K, Adam Vinatieri – think long term

WXYZ: Financial Cramming for College

1. Setting a Budget
2. Checking & Savings Accounts
3. Credit Cards
4. Student Loans

WJBK: Baby Money Mistakes

Money Mistakes New Parents Make:

Forgetting About Extra Expenses

Overspending On Unnecessary Items

Forgetting Life Insurance

Not Creating A Will

Prioritizing College Before Retirement

WXYZ: Cooling Summer Spending

It’s easy to let spending get out of control in the summer. Financial professional Scott Carty talked with Kristin Pierce from WXYZ 7 Action News about 5 ways to cool off summer spending:

Dump Gym Membership

Plant a Garden

Cut down on Home Costs

Explore Creative Kid Activities

Plan a Staycation

Click here for ideas on how to plan a relaxing staycation!

WXYZ: Scams against Veterans



WJBK: Tax Refund Tips

Last year the average tax refund was more than $2,500 and nearly 80% of people are expected to receive a tax refund. Often times, the money is used on a one-time splurge, but there are ways to make the money work for your benefit all year long.

WJBK: The Pink Tax

It’s a fact that women often pay more than men do for things like razors and haircuts, but you may be surprised to learn that on average, prices are 7% higher for women on hundreds of items… the only difference? The packaging.
Q: In what ways are women paying more than men?

WJBK: 2016 Changes Coming

Changes are coming in 2016. There are important new rules on the way for students, families and anyone saving for retirement (and that should be all of us)! Financial professional Scott Carty talked with WJBK about changes to:
Click here for more information about the Free Application for Federal Student Loans
2. myRA
Click here for more information about myRA
3. Social Security Suspension
4. Restricted Social Security Applications
Click here  for Social Security calculators

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