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WWJ: Holiday Tipping

From servers to stylists… baristas to bellhops – we hand over $40 billion dollars in tips each year! But tipping can be tricky. Financial professional Scott Carty talked with WWJ Newsradio 950 to give a guide on how much you should tip in every situation.
Click here for a general tipping guide.
Click here for a holiday tipping guide.

WKAR: Financial Selfie

The first step to creating a solid financial plan is making sure you understand where you’re at.

WWJ: Teens and Finances

Five Tips to help teach kids the value of Money
1. Check Please

Opening a checking account. Look for a bank with no ATM or check fees and a low minimum balance requirement.

If the teen’s employer offers automatic deposit, sign up. By sending the money straight to the bank, teens are less tempted to spend it.

2. Budgets for Beginners

Have a conversation about what they need to spend money on each day and what they want to buy. Then work together to set realistic spending expectations for each week.

Click Here for the Budget Worksheet

3. Set Savings Goals

Short-term goal

Mid-term goal

Long-term goal

4. Meet the Tax Man

When tax season comes around, help your teen complete and file their taxes.

Or bring your teen along to your appointment

5. Invest Early

Roth IRAs

WWJ Veteran Scams

Common Scams

Phone Scams

Phishing Emails

Pension Plan Buyouts

False Rental Listings

Misleading Car Sales

Avoid Scams

Do Your Research

Keep Your Guard Up

Avoid Wire Transfer

Active Duty Alert

Unlock Your Wealth Radio: Couples and their Finances

Scott Carty, President of DC Capital Management, empowers listeners with Heather Wagenhals host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, using Scott’s knowledge on couples and their finances. Tune in to the first interview of Unlock Your Wealth Radio Season 26 as Scott reveals key points about your significant others’ salary and how to bring up financial topics and what to say to each other during these conversations.

In this interview Scott highlights to listeners the disconnection couples have when it comes to their finances.

Listen Now

Even though the majority of couples think they’re doing a good job of communicating, many don’t know the basics. Scott Carty from DC Capital Management in the Detroit area is here to explain what couples should be talking about and how to get the conversation started.

43% of couples don’t know their spouse’s salary,
and 10 percent are off by $25,000 or more!

Learn how couples can feel more comfortable talking about money and making financial decisions with each other. If you would like to skip to the interview, Scott and Heather begin talking around the 6:50 minute mark.

Listen Now

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